Weekly outline

  • Introduction:

    The in-depth knowledge about the pathogenesis, disease course, assessment and clinical management of IBD provided by the IBD Blue Book section of ECCO e-Learning is an essential pre-requisite for health care professionals caring for patents with IBD. In addition, the ECCO Consensus Statements and Topical Reviews provide an evidence base to guide clinical decision making. If used in isolation, however, they are unlikely to provide the totality of knowledge required for appropriate patient management.

    All our patients are different and will have a unique disease course that requires personalised management.  The e-Courses are designed to highlight the appropriate management choices by providing narratives of a patient journey based on real cases.  The clinical history is presented along with relevant investigations.  You are then presented with a series of options as to the appropriate clinical decision in a multiple-choice format.  The rationale for why each answer is optimal, acceptable or incorrect is highlighted alongside the supporting evidence.  At the end of the case, you can sit a 'final test' that comprises a series of multiple-choice questions.  If you score >80% a certificate of successful completion can be downloaded.


    The e-Courses comprise a case-based clinical narrative interspersed with multiple choice clinical care options that you can work though.  Designed to be completed in one sitting, they are anticipated to take between 30 and 60 minutes.  At the end of each e-Course there is a multiple-choice test.  Each e-Course is designed around a specific consensus guideline or topical review.

    Target audience:

    The e-Courses are suitable for any health care professional involved in IBD care.  The courses are divided into those dealing with medical care, nursing care and the care of special situations.

    Learning objectives:

    • An appreciation of the disease natural history in patients with IBD
    • An understanding as to the interpretation of patient investigations
    • To learn appropriate clinical management of different clinical scenarios
    • To appreciate the rationale behind specific treatment decisions
    • Understand the importance of patient monitoring

  • Available e-Courses

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