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Topic outline

  • ECCO Educational Audio Podcasts


    The ECCO Educational Audio Podcasts comprise a series of audio recordings each dealing with a specific area of the management of patients with IBD. The goal is to provide a 5-10 minute introduction to a specialised topic delivered by a recognised expert in the field that can be listened to in an informal and relaxed setting. They are designed to be expert opinion rather than cover the entire evidence base of the specific topic. We hope that they will stimulate interest in the topics covered.  More detailed discussions of the topics can be found by searching the e-CCO Library for webcasts and slides of the Congress Scientific Programmes and Educational Courses. 

    Target Audience:

    GI Fellows and trainees with an interest in IBD


    The current Educational Audio Podcast library comprises 5-10 minute podcasts that focus on one specific topic.  More detailed discussions of the topics can be found by searching the e-CCO Library. 

    Learning objectives:

    To gain a introductory understanding of a specific specialised topic in IBD

    Check out all our Educational Audio Podcasts below!

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